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“Allergy-Free For Mommy And Me: Everyday Recipes for Families with Multiple Food Allergies”290x455

Are you new to food allergies and lost about what to cook and how to cook it? Are you interested in using food as a fat burner? Maybe you’re just simply looking for new recipe ideas for your food-allergic family.

Filled with full-color photos, “Allergy Free For Mommy And Me” has over 115 everyday recipes for lunch and dinner, plus cookies, snacks, cakes and breads.

There are also tips and ideas throughout for food coloring alternatives, and many of the recipes are vegan.  The dishes that require meat concentrate on fresh cuts, supporting local, free-range, and sustainable farming practices.

From the very beginning of the book you will be taken on a step-by-step journey of how to live and enjoy your life food-allergy free. 

Happy Cooking



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